Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Um, Excuse Me?

So today Audrey suffered her first public embarrassment. We were at the Sleep Lab meeting, a regular (and very Audrey-friendly) event. The members of the lab were talking about some issue on which there was a difference of opinion, and Dick, the professor who heads the lab, had just finished a statement on the topic when Audrey, standing on my lap right next to him, farted loudly. A hush fell over the room and Dick looked at Audrey and said "So that's what you think about that, eh?" The other grad students and visitors to the meeting chuckled, and Audrey took one look at Dick and started to cry. I stood up and tried to reassure her everything was fine (while simultaneously chuckling to myself about this turn of events). Audrey, who had quieted down, looked back at Dick, who said "All I said was, was that your opinion?" and then Audrey burst into a fresh set of tears. I took her outside to calm her down, and came back for the end of the meeting, during which she was looking at Dick dubiously. There are, of course, no pictures of this event, so this is the best recent one I have of Audrey looking vaguely dubious.

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Mary said...

Who knew she could be that sensitive? (nice outfit, by the way..)