Friday, February 13, 2009

Something New Every Day

So I was going to write an entry about the "migrating insomnia" - no, not insomnia related to migration, since we've been happily ensconced in Tucson while much of the East coast has had bad weather. But migrating in the sense that first Paul couldn't sleep, then Audrey couldn't sleep, and finally I couldn't sleep. It lasted 1-2 nights for all of us but has thankfully finally abated.

So instead I'll write the Audrey update. Lots has been happening. She still can't crawl or walk, but she can use her stomach muscles to pull herself up to sitting with a minimum of help and then push up on her legs to stand (again, with minimal help). She can hang onto a table or something briefly although she's really not steady enough to stand there by herself. She's sitting very well, and we practiced today with sitting in the bath (tricky because it's slippery in there). She has her two bottom teeth now - their advent put a slight damper on her usually sunny disposition, but she's better now. She will now "reach up" for us when she is sitting or lying down to be picked up, and her grasping is getting better continually - she's working right now on holding a cheerio between her thumb and forefinger to eat it - she's not quite there, but has the right idea. Speaking of eating, she has tried lots of foods, she even gamely ate some pureed broccoli last night. We have a little food mill so we usually try her with whatever vegetable or fruit we're eating. So far she's nixed kiwi (too tart!) but will eat at least a little of many other things. She can also feed herself (sort of) a cracker or piece of pita. More later...she's awake now to work on even more things!

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Such an adorable picture!