Monday, December 26, 2016

If I Had a Reindeer

Okay, before we get to the end of the year and this is no longer topical...a post from guest blogger Audrey, aged almost eight and a half, about what it would be like if she had a reindeer. Sorry for no images on this one, my PC is on the blink (works fine except no internet connection...) so I'm using an alternate device...

If I would ever have to raise a baby reindeer, I would raise it like this. First I would look up on the internet what reindeer like to eat and drink. Then I would have to buy I it all, and a bed. That could be a challenge, I may not have enough money. I would feed it, take the reindeer to the vet to make sure it was healthy. I would take it on walks.

When it got old enough I would take it to the North Pole and sell it to Santa. There it will learn to fly and one day it would be a reindeer in the sleigh team, and it would deliver the presents I want, and lots of other people's presents they want, too.

By Audrey Orzech

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