Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beautiful Glasgow, Scotland: a photo blog

Yesterday I traveled to Glagow from Dundee to meet up with a friend from Rhode Island who was enroute to the Isles of Lewis and Harris (known for Harris Tweed) in the Outer Hebrides. Although the weather forecast almost always calls for rain in Glasgow, it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, warm day!

A little cloudy in Dundee as I set out in the early morning:

Magdalen Green bandstand with construction crane behind; very symbolic of Dundee - the Green, and construction work.

The Tay Railway Bridge.

Part of a pretty awful poem about the Tay Railway Bridge: so awful, in fact, that it's celebrated.

Looking toward the Tay road bridge with very calm waters.

Leaving Dundee (also in Gaelic).

George Square, just outside the Glasgow Queen Street Station:

War Memorial in front of the Glasgow City Chambers.

Glasgow crest, in mosaic on the floor as you enter the City Chambers.

Beautiful mosaic on the ceiling of the City Chambers.

The Commonwealth Games "Big G" (the games, a sort of mini-Olympics, are happening in July), and visiting the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA):

Some publicity event at the "big G"

GOMA exhibit on female under-representation in science fiction movies.

Selfie in the GOMA mirrors.
A Little more Pop Art as I was walking around Glasgow

What else would you expect to find on Glasgow high street, but the Tardis?

Or maybe a Dalek swimming in the River Clyde?

Never mind, I definitely like the elephants better.

Though the fire cat is pretty cool too. 

The River Clyde was beautiful, as was the People's Palace on Glasgow Green.
Suspension bridge over the River Clyde in downtown Glasgow.

View of train bridge over the Clyde.

Crossing the suspension bridge

People's Palace Greenhouse view.

Inside the greenhouse, view from the cafe.

First Nations art from Canada outside the People's Palace; Glasgow is twinned with a Canadian city.

This is an old carpet factory, built to look like a famous Venetian building.
The front of the People's Palace, and amazing blue sky. Nelson column to the right rear.

Late 1800's fountain, recently refurbished, largest terra-cotta fountain in the world. That is Queen Victoria at the top.

Shakespeare tiles in the Ladies Room. Seriously.

One of the gates of the Glasgow Green.
A funny sign, more Gaelic, then time to head home.

In front of the court. All I could think was, "In the U.S. they would never build a wall with this kind of drop behind it. Some kid would fall, and his parents would sue."

Departing Glasgow Queen Street Station.

Sheep from the train.

Cows from the train. 
Back in Dundee: a closeup of the Tay Railway bridge. You can see the pylons from the "old bridge" that was taken down after a train derailed in the late 1800's.

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