Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, Great-Grandma!

This is my final post on the date April 20, 2014. The first one was about preparing for Easter in Scotland, the second about my in-law's wedding anniversary, and this one is about celebrating my grandmother's birthday.  It makes me a little sad that I rarely celebrated grandma's birthday while she was still living - it was often celebrated at the end of the day on Easter Sunday, if it fell close enough to Easter, but my family was always hurrying back to Virginia for school and work the next day.

But now, we celebrate. It was really Audrey's idea. Last year, after great-grandma Marguerite passed away in March, Audrey wanted to do something for her birthday. So, we made cupcakes. Disney Princess cupcakes, to be precise. And we ate them and said, "Happy Birthday Great-Grandma!" We might even have sung Happy Birthday. This year, Audrey remembered, and wanted to celebrate again. So she made a card, and we made cupcakes: Peppa Pig this time (local color, or should that be colour)

On the evening of April 19, we burned the card (or as Audrey said, "Fired it up") in our garden, and ate a cupcakes for evening snack.  Happy Birthday, Great Grandma! Hope the card got to you, and that you enjoyed the cupcake :-) Love you!

Great Grandma taking the girls on walker rides: Thanksgiving, 2012

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