Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting Baptized

So much has happened since I last wrote. If I was a more dedicated blogger, you would have heard about going to Alexandria for Christmas, including hanging out with great-grandma, and then going to the Stanley family reunion in Ventura, CA, where all the cousins but one (and there about 20 of them, 15 males and 5 females) made it to California for two days of hanging out. But the most recent event in Audrey's life was getting baptized on Sunday, January 11. This was also "Baptism of the Lord" Sunday in the liturgical calendar, so the rest of the congregation also got sprinkled to remind them of their baptism. But Audrey got the full "water-on-the-head" deal thanks to our pastor friends Ben and Gretchen. Grammie Pat Orzech made her dress, which is now the "heirloom baptismal gown" (well, at least it will be once I clean it). She actually seemed to like the fuss of getting in the dress, and especially of going down to hang out with the little kids at the children's sermon. They were all rubbing her head, like they were saying "welcome, Audrey!" and she was just loving it. The pictures I have are from after the baptism, in the church's cry room - not that she was crying, she just wanted to play and tends to want to compete with the pastor by "talking" during the sermon...So here is one of her hamming it up - after all this, and a few more pictures after church, we took her out of her gown to ride home and she fell asleep in the car seat and slept through most of the celebration lunch.

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Lisa Schwartz said...

that pictures is awesome. she looks way too happy to be wearing that dress. i don't know what that means actually but she just looks really adorable and happy. i am personally never happy to be wearing a white dress b/c i know it's bound to get really dirty. maybe audrey doesn't have that problem.